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Imagine flying to India at the end of this year to experience a New Years Eve party like nothing you have witnessed before. There will be Bollywood dancing and a gala buffet over one hundred yards long. After spending a day recovering, on the 2nd January, equipped with one of our easy to follow route books, you will set off for a 1000km coast to coast drive across India.

In 2006 we became the first company to offer self drive in India when we took participants to drive Hindustan Ambassadors on route across the mountains and plains of South India. We ran the tour each year until 2017. Eventually it became too difficult to source Ambassadors so we had to call time on this venerable Old Lady of Indian Roads.

Our new trip is bigger and better with an entirely new route, improved accommodation, more places to visit, increased down time and of course, a modern air conditioned SUV.

If you have travelled with us before on our previous Classic India tour, you may be wondering how similar this new trip is. All the hotels are new and there is only one 45km section of road which is common to our previous trip but we are doing it in the reverse direction so the route is really all new. We are having a day off (in Munnar) in the middle of the trip. There are also far more places of interest to see and visit than on the previous trip.

I think it is fair to point out that some of the places we visit require a fair bit of walking and climbing although you could always view without climbing up. During the day off in Munnar you will have the option of a short or long trek through some of Asia’s highest tea plantations. These are both optional and you could easily opt not to do these if you wish. You will note in the itinerary there is an option to visit Cochin. The reason for this is because if you took part in one of our previous Classic India trips you probably had either a full day or half day off in Cochin and therefore we have not included Cochin as part of the tour. If you haven’t been to Fort Cochin you may want to visit, hence offering the option. The vehicles we will be driving are Suzuki Brezzas which is similar to a European Vitara. They are ideal for the trip.

The inaugural Coast to Coast took place in 2019 and the feedback from participants was excellent. We stay in some great accommodation, and the itinerary includes fascinating visits and beautiful roads. Route Map – For a map of the route click here

For more information about the trip please see our Classic India page here

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